Alison May Alison
With so many different ways to contact us all now available to us all, being she in charge of an enterprise like Brocantehome means that managing email and direct messages can quickly become something of a full time job, and so from now I would prefer it if you use our community here at BrocanteHome to message me with all your thoughts, ideas, offers and issues rather than using any of the other channels we might have relied on in the past.

So simply head over to my profile here in the Community, hit message, and share anything you want me to know right there. The answer to your message will be there in your own Community account will be there within 48 hours, meaning you will be able to keep all BrocanteHome queries in one place.

I do hope this makes life easier for all of us, so do CONTACT ME HERE if you need me won't you?

P.S: you can also just click the envelope at the top of the page and type Alison to send me a message via the DM system here in the community.
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