Alison May Alison
BrocanteHome now has two calendars to keep us all on the same track!

The first is right here in the Community and will be automatically generated with our birthdays so we can throw mini celebrations for each other as well as post for OFFICE HOURS, Playbook release dates, blog posts and more.

Find the Community calendar in the pink side bar, or click the link below to access it:

The second calendar is the Housekeeping Calendar and it gently guides you through the routines and rituals at the heart of BrocanteHome, tying in the work you may be doing in the Salon and linking to all the worksheets that might be relevant.

With the possibility of linking the Housekeeping Calendar to your own Google or Apple calendar, you will be able to move the tasks around to sort yourself, creating a truly flexible way to keep house the BrocanteHome way.

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