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BrocanteHome started off a teeny little blog all the way back in 2004 and has since grown to include books, an inspiring membership program and a truly, special community.

Created to document my own way of life with other women seeking the routines and rituals that sustain my domestic life, I chose the French word "Brocante" as it represented both the vintage wares and lifestyle I adore and in its literal translation described all the lovely "little bits of nothing" I wanted to share.

With a focus on a slow,non-toxic, home-based lifestyle, BrocanteHome speaks to all those who want to take the chaos out of keeping house and create sanctuaries that feed their souls. While you won't find endless recipes, housekeeping hints or practical domestic demonstrations here (because I do believe we now have the most incredible of domestic encyclopedias at our fingertips in Pinterest these days!), you will always find encouragement, support, my very own, simple Abundance inspired puttery treats (all the little somethings that turn a house into a home!) and missives from my owl life less ordinary to guide you through all the ups and downs of trying to live a scrumptiously old-fashioned life in a what is ever more a complicated, busy modern world.

I do hope you enjoy it.
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